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Entrepreneurs from 20 countries sent in submissions

Entrepreneurs from 17 states sent in submissions

Entrepreneurs, (Semi-Finalists), from 14 states “pitched” their ideas on Event Day

Key introductions were made by the Judges

Three Finalists made deals on stage amounting to: $100,000

Check presented for the best presentation to Big Boi’s Barbecue for $5,000

Other deals continue to be made between the Semi-Finalists and Finalists with the Judges and other investors present on Event Day

Dozens of doors opened and contacts continue to be made

- The Heated Neck Tie was featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show




“I’d like to thank you for all your help, and wisdom that you have graciously given me through this process. It was my first time ever presenting a pitch of any kind at the semi finals, and there were rough points, but I know my idea and company now belongs with the big boys because of this competition, and I cannot wait to get it there. Thank you from me to your entire team.”…Roy Hinson III, Founder/CEO, I Said VIP


“This competition was such a success. Never have I been to a competition where you are not only trying to win a set prize, but you are pitching to a group of esteemed entrepreneurs to win funding for your start up! I always fantasized about being on Shark Tank; I’d say American Dream Seekers helped make that a reality for me! I am looking forward to applying all of the wonderful feedback that we received as we move  forward with our company.” –Mona Amin, Fresh Spire


“We were very grateful to have been selected as semifinalists, and truly honored to be finalists. This competition was a risk for us; we travelled on a limited budget with only a chance of getting an investment in return. Furthermore, the semifinalists in attendance each had unique ideas and intelligent creations. But the first round of feedback was insightful and full of perspective and the second round brought an investment! This competition became a key step in moving Fresh Spire forward, so thank you!”…Gabrielle Beaudry


“Thank you and your team for an outstanding event.  There were many times that I wanted to give up and you continued to encourage me to persevere through the various stages of the competition.  It wasn’t easy and through it all, I was able to successfully qualify for the semi-finals.  Upon arrival, your team was professional and wonderful.  Their attention to detail was meticulous and event was executed with precision and excellence.  I was very impressed with the diversity of the participants, and it shows that American Dream Seekers will comb the corners of the earth to find the absolute greatest talent possible.  This talent made presenting challenging and exciting knowing that the top five will make it to the final round. The judges for the competition were the “Who’s Who” of local businesses.  The knowledge pool among the judges range from technology to textiles and if they didn’t have direct knowledge of a product, they possess the resources to connect the contestants with the right person.  This made the competition more exciting knowing that one didn’t know where the “next” deal would come from.  To see that a deal was fostered from the audience was freaking AWESOME!”…Curt Sheard, Big Boi’s Barbecue


“Attending the American Dream Seekers competition in 2014 was an incredible opportunity for Progeneration Energy. As a team we were encouraged to clarify and develop our business plan at an accelerated rate in order to compete in the submission rounds. Our team was accepted into finals in the competition and had the opportunity to pitch to the investors on stage and in the crowd. This opportunity resulted in many great contacts and feedback. American Dream Seekers is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and has an active and ready group of investors unparalleled in other competitions. Ron and his team have put together something unique and special with American Dream Seekers and I look forward to seeing the teams that come forward in 2015!”…Erika Elkington, Director, Progeneration Energy


“Congrats  on  a  great  event.  The  speakers  were  amazing. There are  a lot  of  amazing  talented  folks  out  there and your  dedication  is  beyond  belief.”…George Anderson, Founder, Napa River Wine Pub


“I cannot thank you enough for the time, energy and resources put in on this event.  Between the great speakers between break-out sessions, to the innovative and creative presentations, I was blown away. Not to mention the dollars committed at the end to help many of the applicants! I met a lot of great people and hope to stay in touch in the future as I hear and see ideas and projects come to fruition.  Ron, you and your team should be extremely proud of what you accomplished and I look forward to ADS 2015!”…Roger Mercado, Coldpression


“Just wanted to let you know what a great experience we had with American Dream Seekers!  You and your team did a phenomenal job with the event.   Our lives will be forever impacted because someone believed in our idea & concept.   Anything we can do to help promote American Dream Seekers,  please let us know.   Hopefully,  we will be able to attend next years event as one of the “success stories”!  Again, thank you for your commitment to helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams!…Ted & Maryann Wyberanec, Co-founders, Go Products  USA

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